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Wuhan Wolon Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:광섬유 케이블, 광섬유 패치 코드, 광섬유 Plc 스플리터, SFP 모듈, WDM
No. 1 광섬유 장비 부문 가장 인기 있는On-site material inspectionFinished product inspectionFull customizationSupplier assessment procedures
Wuhan Wolon Communication Technology Co, Ltd is located at Optical Valley, Wuhan, China with a registered capital of 22 million yuan. Wolon is established 2010, as a professional manufacturer. It holds 3 branch and 350 workers. Which is one of large supplier of fiber optic products in China. It specialized in R&D, production and sale of PLC splitter, patch cord, fiber optic connector, adapter, MPO, SFP module, fiber optic terminal box, fiber optic splice closure and FTTH products. Wolon gathers a group of optical talents on fiber communication, which possess the rich experience of R&D and a strong capability...